Friday, March 4, 2011


after my fun break from school i finally decided it was time to pack my bags, load my car up, and hit the books once again.

It was kinda hard to pick up my life and move back to cedar, my life was going oh so perfect in salt lake and i couldn't be any happier but i knew it would all be okay.

At first, I would just got home every weekend to see the people I couldn't let go of and leave behind.--that is until Kandace go a hold of me. She really wanted me
to stay in cedar and go on a double date with her.

we started off the day with a little getting my car stuck in the mud!

Along with some kite flying! i had a princess kite
of course

it was probably one of the best dates i've ever been on! after that weekend and how much fun i had, i moved on from my great life in salt lake to a wonderful life in cedar city


I know that i dont ever keep up on this. I'm gonna start making an effort in my life to start being better...

I had one of the best summers ever. I worked alot and played hard too.

slowly turned into fall when i decided to take the semester off and work full time to save
money and spend some more time with the ones i love.

I spent a lot of time with my best friend and we made it crazy fun.

I made LOTS of new friends.

And mended some old friendships too.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

people in my life

Summer time is here! It's been an awesome summer so far <3 Mexico was a blast! (seriously) now I’m back in the 801. My first week of summer after has been epic. Everything you have in a whole summer has happened! Meeting a cute boy, staying out late, lying out, shopping, job hunting, fighting with your friends, drama, seeing old friends, sleeping in, and so much more!
i would like to make a shout out to my old roommates: i miss you guys so much because i don’t live with Jen anymore, i never have ANY clue what to wear! i can’t get 3 opinions on what i should wear...i must just look hideous all the time now (Jen thanks so much for saving me from what i used to wear!) now that i don’t live with Kayile anymore i don’t get to be abused and act like I’m a 5 year old anymore, i don’t get put through country much torture, and i don’t get any cute notes saying how much she loves me when I’m down, no cherry dipped cones, no lin's run for our secret addictions, none of it! is all gone for the summer! Thanks to Janessa i do not get to hear all about the boy drama that i don’t have! (Although that may be comming) i miss you girls more that i would have ever imagined! i was so excited to come home! nowwww, i miss cedar and the crazy nights we had! This summer i have not walked halfway across the city to soap peoples cars, i have not been to dairy queen, i have not had a single closet session,(Kaylie will be happy at this one) there have been no midnight Wal-Mart runs! I love you girls! Can’t wait for round two next year

so there is this girl... Lets call her Catherine Fortuna McAllister. I seriously love this girl more than anything! We may have had our selfish times but you know what? we are always there for each other when needed. i honestly don’t understand how i went a year without talking to her much. but I’m honestly so happy that we are in a close faze right now (hope it stays this time) she is the most non-judgmental girl ever! We may live our lives in completely different ways at times but she always love's and supports me. Best friends for life! Thanks for always being here for me girl.

Everyone in my life thanks you for helping me through my though times! My life is going so good right now and i am happy how everything has turned out so far.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snow Adventures

Today was quite an eventful day. I love Fridays! I had classes and got some studying done. Me and Jen went up and spent some time playing rockband in the jkj with Josh. We then proceeded to head over to the institute building to attend to dance. It was super fun. Kandace, Jen, and I met some boys who invited us to a party. We decided it would be a fun adventure to go. We went home and got ready. Off we headed to the party. We got about halfway there before we received the text saying…”The party just ended…don’t worry you didn’t miss much.” So we decided to head back to our apartment and make our own party. We received a large show storm during the dance and it was very slick out on the roads. BIG MISTAKE TO TAKE THE CAR OUT. As we were less than a block away from the parking lot, we headed down a hill going no more than 15 mph and the snow from the top of my car slid down into my windshield and I could not see. I pressed on the breaks a little but more rapidly then I should have. We than began to slide into the gutter. My front wheel was stuck in a very large gutter. As we got out and was looking around at the stuckness a car pulled over to help us out. He began to push us out and said “Well you’ve got about as much as we can get, just go straight and you’ll be fine.” I was just thinking to myself, “This is not gonna end well. This is a very bad idea, I’m gonna get both tires stuck in the gutter.” Don’t you worry, that’s exactly what happened… and he said “Well, I guess you better call a tow truck.” And off he went. I don’t have two pennies to rub to there at this point in college, let alone two-hundred dollars to pay a tow truck. As we were standing there having no clue what to do these two really sweet boys stopped and asked if we were stuck “nope were just hanging out on the side of the road while snow is piling up on my head looking at the car stuck in the gutter for fun.” No I didn’t really say that but haha you know It’s not just one of my hobbies. Luckily they had a chain and hooked it up to my jeep. as they had me chained to their car, they started pulling my out, their truck ran out of gas and died. Don’t worry, They had back up gas in the back of their car. While we stood there waiting for them to put gas in their car, 6 other guy stopped asking of we needed help. “Hey Jen I think this is one of the few times in our life that it’s good to be a helpless girl” she just agreed with me and we got in the car and pulled up into the parking lot and parked the car to hibernate for the rest of this weekend.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My name is McKenna Black. All my friends call me Kenna. I'm a freshman at Suu in Cedar City, Utah. My major is Criminal Justice, planning to attend law school when i get done here at suu. College is definitely a blast! I love it here. My roommates are the best ever. We have some crazy times together. We've got it all here...drunken boy's late into the night, slutty moments, crazy mormon roommates who move out on us and we learn werent so crazy, insane asian's who dont speak any english, ish our fish, and many more stories you'll come to hear of.
I do get home sick sometimes, but I take trips home to see my friends and my family. It's all in the Krazy life of Kenna :)